I have decided to take up the challenge of a 40 day running streak starting on the 21st November until New Year’s Day (last run will be on New Year’s Day).
I found the idea in a running magazine (Runners World) and decided it was worth the challenge.
There are many reasons and more I will go into over the coming 40 days as I plan on posting every day with my “achievements”.


Obviously with things like this there need to be some rules.

1. Running for a bus doesn’t count!
The minimum distance I run will be 1 mile

2. No banking days. I will run on each day and can not transfer one days miles to another.

3. Come rain or shine or snow or storm.

4. Time of day does not matter.

5. I will endeavour to run at least 3 runs a week with other people.


I am planning on using this as an opportunity to raise some money for charity too. (Will set up a just giving page soon) therefore if you would like to sponsor a route then you are more than welcome to. Send me a Google Map marked with a route (starting at around freedom fields) max distance 10km and sponsor me money through just giving and I will run it for you!


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