Catch up time!

Ok, I haven’t posted for a few days! But I have been busy running! 

Check out my Strava profile to see how much I have run! I did a PB on Monday night with SRC running club which I am so happy with! Will keep trying to push myself and better that over the coming weeks.

There are many reasons I am running for 40 days. Here is one of them….

1) Raising money for charity;

Running each day for 40 days was never supposed to be easy. It is supposed to be a challenge, a challenge against my will, a challenge against injury and a challenge against the weather! 

Therefore to give myself an extra incentive to get out and about running I have decided to raise money for charity. The charity I am raising for is Jeremiah’s Journey.

They have been chosen by me because they do a fantastic work with families in this city I live in. They have also supported me as a professional when I sadly lost a child in my class a few years ago. So a very worthwhile cause! 

If you would like to sponsor me please follow this link to donate. 


Thanks for reading, I promise to keep you more up to date.