Catch up time!

Ok, I haven’t posted for a few days! But I have been busy running! 

Check out my Strava profile to see how much I have run! I did a PB on Monday night with SRC running club which I am so happy with! Will keep trying to push myself and better that over the coming weeks.

There are many reasons I am running for 40 days. Here is one of them….

1) Raising money for charity;

Running each day for 40 days was never supposed to be easy. It is supposed to be a challenge, a challenge against my will, a challenge against injury and a challenge against the weather! 

Therefore to give myself an extra incentive to get out and about running I have decided to raise money for charity. The charity I am raising for is Jeremiah’s Journey.

They have been chosen by me because they do a fantastic work with families in this city I live in. They have also supported me as a professional when I sadly lost a child in my class a few years ago. So a very worthwhile cause! 

If you would like to sponsor me please follow this link to donate. 


Thanks for reading, I promise to keep you more up to date. 




Day 3 of 40

Ok, so today was much more difficult seeing as it was a weekend! I woke up early and went out for a run in the cold! Was a much slower one but I am pleased that I went out.
Legs are getting used to running every day but I am sure that it will get harder over the next couple of days.

Day 2 of 40

Today’s run was 2.8miles.

I decided to extend it a little bit to bring variety to my routes. This one was mainly flat although the whole stretch home was a 158ft climb over 1 mile. Hopefully I will be able to take these hills easier each time I attempt them.

Day 1 of 40!

Started today with a fairly easy 2 mile run. Was nice to get out with a clear sky and the bright moon and stars to run by!

While running I was thinking… “Got another 39 days to do!” Not a great mindset to start on!

If you want to see my run and how I did check out this link.

If you have a chance look at Jeremiah’s journey’s website to find out who I am raising money for.



What is a running streak? (And no it isn’t running naked!)


I have decided to take up the challenge of a 40 day running streak starting on the 21st November until New Year’s Day (last run will be on New Year’s Day).
I found the idea in a running magazine (Runners World) and decided it was worth the challenge.
There are many reasons and more I will go into over the coming 40 days as I plan on posting every day with my “achievements”.


Obviously with things like this there need to be some rules.

1. Running for a bus doesn’t count!
The minimum distance I run will be 1 mile

2. No banking days. I will run on each day and can not transfer one days miles to another.

3. Come rain or shine or snow or storm.

4. Time of day does not matter.

5. I will endeavour to run at least 3 runs a week with other people.


I am planning on using this as an opportunity to raise some money for charity too. I am going to be running for Jeremiah’s journey who do a fantastic work with bereaved children ( therefore if you would like to sponsor a route then you are more than welcome to. Send me a Google Map marked with a route (starting at around freedom fields) max distance 10km and sponsor me money through just giving and I will run it for you!

More details on my chosen charity will be posted in a later blog.

Thank you for reading and possibly following my 40 day adventure!

Ben Mumford